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I am an Associate Professor of Film at Portland State University, co-author of the 7th edition of Directing the Documentary, and a frequent presenter at film events.  I earned an MFA degree in Film and Video Production from Columbia College Chicago.

I have over 17 years of full-time teaching experience instructing bachelor’s degree-seeking students in film and video production at regionally accredited institutions. I have designed and taught over 25 courses covering aspects of film production from story development to marketing & distribution.  My specialty areas in teaching are documentary film production and professional development for the media industry.

My former students are counted among independent filmmakers and media professionals from New York to Los Angeles and points between.

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Branded Media Production

I developed Branded Media Production as an intensive production course for intermediate and advanced students studying film production at Portland State University.

Students work in small production units to produce professional quality, short form branded media videos for real clients.

In Fall 2016, the Branded Media Production class produced 7 tourism spots for their campaign "Portland:  You are Here", which was included in the Hollywood Theatre PDX microcinema's inaugural program.  They worked with Looptworks, a sustainable apparel company that "upcycles" discarded goods into high quality products, to create 3 brand story videos.

In Fall 2018, students produced 7 “spots” for their campaign, “Portland State Film: Framing the Future”, which showed on a public screen on campus.  They worked with Oregon Wild, a conservation non-profit, on 4 “brand story” videos, and with Explore Nature, a consortium of environmental conservation groups, on twenty, 1-minute “highlight” videos.

Annually since Spring 2016, I have facilitated  Portfolio and Professional Development, an experience that culminates in a portfolio show held at Portland State University.

The course asks graduating students to investigate their interests, values, personality, and skills as the basis for discovery and communication of their personal brand as they begin their careers.  To discover career goals and set a path to attaining them, students undertake a series of short research projects, in-class writing exercises, and oral presentations. 


In service to communicating their personal brand, students prepare marketing materials (a portfolio website, a resume, a generic and a tailored cover letter, a business card) and a reel or reels highlighting generalist and/or specialist skill sets in media production.

At the end of the term, students present themselves as emerging professionals to the school community, alumni, peers, friends, family, and to established media professionals.


Portfolio and Professional


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Advanced Production


Advanced Production Workshop serves those students who have completed at least one of Portland State Film's production tracks. Students with diverse interests convene and collaborate on mature work that can be used in portfolios and offered to outside distribution channels including film festivals and online streaming. 

Each student authors their own film in a chosen genre:  experimental, fiction, documentary, branded media, or music video.  Delivery deadlines throughout the term keep students on track to complete a project from concept to completion in 11 weeks.

Students are asked to invest in their classmates' processes; invoking a collaborative spirit that yields opportunities for student participation in an array of projects, each with its own storytelling, producing, aesthetic, logistical, and technical challenges.  Because students crew on each other's projects, the experience is intended to produce high quality assets they can use in their individual portfolios.

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