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Narrative:  In 2017, I responded to an RFP for a series of short branded videos for the web and associated social media platforms about Explore Nature, a consortium of conservation non-profits in Tillamook County.

Made in conjunction with collaborators at Boxcar Assembly, the project was funded by Visit Tillamook Coast (the Tillamook County tourism board) and administered by Tillamook Estuaries Partnership (TEP), an environmental conservation organization. 


The purpose of the series was to encourage ecotourism in Tillamook County by highlighting the program of activities sponsored by Explore Nature partners. 


At Portland State University in Fall 2018, I taught FILM 360: Branded Media Production. Students worked with Explore Nature representatives to generate twenty, 1-minute “highlight” videos from the footage my collaborators and I collected for the project.

To screen the series, visit:

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